Posted by: loomisisc | October 31, 2009

“This is not a virtual dream folks…This is our reality.”

“This is not a virtual dream folks…This is our reality,” said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman as he stepped out from behind a movie screen  and met before 300 attendees at the city’s State of the Rail Address.  With energy, enthusiasm and a little bit of theatre, the Mayor reaffirmed his commitment to the rail project and detailed the next steps before groundbreaking.

While the city waits to hear the results of the Environmental Impact Statement and approval from the Federal Transit Administration, Hanneman said he would be willing to delay the ground breaking one month to ensure that no details go unnoticed.

The city has recently awarded the first rail $483 million construction contract to Kiewit Pacific. The Mayor said that the city can expect 4,000 jobs to be created directly from the rail project alone in 2010.


Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman

State of the Rail

State of the Rail Address in Mission Memorial Auditorium


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