Posted by: loomisisc | December 15, 2009


Mayor Hannemann speaks at a rail transit press conference in October.

According to a City & County Press Release, Mayor Mufi Hannemann is in Washington DC today “to meet with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and various other federal officials regarding Honolulu’s rail transit project.”

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye, Senator Daniel Akaka and Hawaii’s congressional delegation ensured that Honolulu’s rail transit project will receive $30 million included in an omnibus spending package. The money will help pay for preliminary engineering and design of the transit system.

“Once again, the leader of Hawaii’s congressional delegation has come through for us,” Hannemann said. “Senator Inouye’s outstanding leadership has been instrumental in moving forward this rail transit project that is vital to our island’s economy and its future.”

Also in the D.C. area, the Washington Dulles Airport is in the final stages of completing a new AeroTrain that will travel “through underground tunnels between most of the airport’s terminals and will greatly reduce the time it takes to get around the airport,” according to a Fairfax Times report.

Virginia’s Loudon Times – Mirror also reports that by this time next year, the “new rail system will be shuffling 6,755 passengers an hour by train” through the airport.

Aerotrain cars at the Dulles airport. Photo from Fairfax Times.

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