Posted by: loomisisc | January 14, 2010

Elevated Rail Support is Up

If the letters and commentary in the Honolulu dailies are any indication, the AIA presenters at Gov. Lingle’s forum will likely site before a tough crowd on Monday. The editorial in the image above ran in today’s Star Bulletin and reminds us that compared to the,

“300 businesses and homes were displaced in Rainier Valley of Seattle to make way for a five-mile street-level rail system. Honolulu’s 20-mile elevated system with 21 elevated rail stations will require fewer than 40 land acquisitions.”

Activist and member of the Honolulu Transit Passenger Union, Hannah Miyamoto, also published a letter today calling the Governor’s street-level cost savings overstated. Shaun Ushijima, President of Ushijima Architects, Inc., shared his expertise to educate O’ahu residents as to why elevated rail is better that an on-grade system.

But the most striking reminder as to why elevated rail is superior to an at-grade system on O’ahu, comes from the Say Yes 2 Rail Blog in the video below.

Click image for link to video

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