Posted by: loomisisc | January 30, 2010

Many Job Opportunities in Rail Available with HRFG Team

Gino Antoniello, Vice President of Transport Systems and Equipment for Sumitomo Corporation of America, speaks before small business owners on potential business opportunities in the Honolulu rail project's core systems.

Yesterday, executives from the Honolulu Rail for Growth (HRFG) team hosted a meeting at the Ala Moana Hotel for Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprises (DBEs & SBEs) to discuss opportunities that will arise as the Honolulu Rail Transit Project moves forward.

“We’ve met some very talented contractors who are excited about the project and our approach to working on Hawaii’s first Automated Train Operating System,” said Gino Antoniello, Vice President of Transportation Systems and Equipment for Sumitomo Corporation of America. While showing a chart of the company’s organization Antoniello said to the crowd of contractors, “This is us, and we want you to be part of it.”

Michael Ang of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries expressed his excitement for the Honolulu rail project.

Over 100 people attended the event and expressed their interest in the wide variety of business opportunities available. The meeting provided information on the Honolulu Rail Transit Project in the areas of Project Management, Vehicle Assembly Works, Electrical Works, Construction and many others. The event featured a variety of areas that local businesses can become involved in as part of the transit system.  Antoniello expressed that this project, given the logistical issues of an island community, local talent will be utilized for initial work like train car assembly and also groomed for career positions in the rail transit project.According to City officials the Honolulu Rail Transit Project will be the state’s largest infrastructure project and a key economic stimulus initiative during this recession.

“We really need a project like this on Oahu,” said Wasa Electrical Services CEO, Ron Yee. “The construction industry in Hawaii needs to get back to work, so let’s build it.”

Antoniello, talking story with attendees, emphasized the openness and eagerness of HRFG to involve local contractors in the Honolulu rail project.

The  event was held on the same day that President Obama and Vice President Biden took the mainland, promoting job creation and the allocation of stimulus funding to high-speed rail projects, just after the State of the Union address on Wednesday.

The HRFG team will be present to speak with students about many of the same opportunities available through the Honolulu Rail project at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa College of Engineering Career Day on February 10th.

Honolulu Rail for Growth (HRFG) is a team led by Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) and includes partners Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of America, Inc. (MHIA), KinkiSharyo International, LLC (KI), Thales Transport & Security, Inc. and Wasa Electrical Services, Inc. To learn more about the team and their experience, visit

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