Posted by: loomisisc | February 11, 2010

Engineering Students Seek Careers with Honolulu Rail for Growth

Burt Kami (left) of Wasa Electrical Services, Inc., spoke with many students today about Honolulu Rail for Growth.

This afternoon at the UH Manoa College of Engineering Career Fair, Sumitomo’s Bill Spiegelberg and Wasa Electric’s Burt Kami spoke with as many students as their voices could handle.

“There were students studying civil, mechanical and electrical engineering,” said Spiegelberg with a hoarse voice. “They were all interested in what types of jobs and internships would be available with the rail project.”

Several students also voiced their eagerness for the Honolulu rail project to break ground and job opportunities to start opening up.

“I live in Kapolei and the rail would really benefit me,” said senior in electrical engineering, Shane Sunada, who commutes to class in Manoa.

“The trains in Europe are great, said Ryan Nakasa, who recently graduated with a degree in engineering.

Also today, Mayor Hannemann held a press conference at the state capitol, and addressed the need to move the project forward. Hannemann was supported by thirty-nine state representatives.

A model of a Dubai Metro car sits in the foreground while students read information on jobs and careers available in the rail industry.

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