Posted by: loomisisc | February 12, 2010

UH Students Eager for Jobs in Honolulu Rail Project

Engineering students inquired about internships and career opportunities in the rail industry at Holmes Hall on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus yesterday.

Yesterday, students expressed their interest their in potential job and career opportunities as part of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa College of Engineering Career Day. “I would like to get involved in the mechanical engineering aspect of the project,” said recent graduate, Ryan Nakae. “We would be designing something that hopefully many of us would be using in the future. It would be nice to be a part of it.”

Over 100 students stopped by the Honolulu Rail for Growth (HRFG) booth to discuss the variety of jobs and internships in the rail industry. Many submitted their resumes for future consideration in the mechanical, electrical and civil engineering areas of the Honolulu rail project. “Honolulu Rail for Growth is committed to bringing stable jobs and a variety of careers in the rail industry to the local workforce with the beginning of the rail project,” said Sumitomo Vice President of Transportation Systems & Equipment, Gino Antoniello.

Rail tracks drawn in sidewalk chalk led students to at the HRFG booth. Several students that stopped by the HRFG booth last semester were anxious to know when the project would break ground and when jobs would open up. “I’ve ridden trains on the mainland,” said Shane Sunada of Kapolei. “I know it works in other places, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.” Sunada, who carpools to classes in Manoa, believes taking a train would be much easier from west Oahu. “I have traveled to Europe and they have a very well developed rail system and train system in many of the countries, and I thought it was one of the greatest things ever,” said Nakae, in agreement.

“We were glad to see such a good turn out from the students,” said Burt Kami of Wasa Electrical Services, Inc. “If they can get in the project now, they can expect to have a job for the next ten to 15 years.”

Chalked rail tracks led students to learn about job opportunities in the Honolulu rail project.

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