Posted by: loomisisc | February 18, 2010

1924 Honolulu Transit Token on Ebay, Only $2.99!

Want to add this coin to your collection? Click the image for link.

At 2:15pm HST, seller beckyoh of Elyria, Ohio, currently has no bids for this item and just over three days available to part with it. While this may seem far-fetched, on March 21, 1998, Joe from northeastern Oklahoma, found a similar coin. He reported,

“It is smaller than a dime and has two rectangle holes and 4 triangle shaped holes. I thought it was a button at first until I cleaned it. One side has GOOD FOR ONE FULL FARE and the other side has HONOLULU RAPID TRANSIT CO. 1924 LTD. And the funny thing is that I found it in NE Oklahoma. Just goes to show you that you can find anything, anywhere!”

According to,

“The Honolulu Rapid Transit Company served the city of Honolulu beginning operations in 1898. The famous interurban operated streetcar service until the 1940s when operations were discontinued in favor of buses.”

This 1951 coin indicates that the transit system lasted much longer, and improved the look of the transit tokens. At $19.95, it is a small price to pay for pretty piece of Hawaii’s past time. The worth of a future rail transit coin versus sitting in H1, is currently estimated by West Side commuters, as ‘priceless.’

A 1951 Honolulu transit token on sale from Coronado, CA.


  1. i have a 1924 honolulu transit tokin i found in wyoming it is in great shape

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