Posted by: loomisisc | February 27, 2010

Rail Optimism: Casey Jr.

Screen shot from Disney's Casey Jr. Click to image to watch!

Casey Jr. is the circus train in the 1941 Disney film about a flying elephant , that is best known for its repeated optimism in the phrase, “I think I can, I think I can.” In the screen shot above, this idyllic railway is elevated and weaves through a landscape not unlike Oahu.

There is also an actual train that at Disneyland in southern California, where the train goes past miniature versions of scenes from classic Disney films while playing his song. Constructing the physical train from the fictional film is an example of how Walt Disney turned fantasy into reality with his parks.

As we look to a future with all the benefits of rail here in Honolulu. We can make it happen.  Despite the controversies and arguments, there is broad support for rail in Honolulu. Rapid transit does not have to be an elusive fantasy. We can make it a reality.

This photo is from the Casey Jr. blog, which chronicles the Disneyland attraction. Click image to link.

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