Posted by: loomisisc | March 24, 2010

Research into Rolling Stock

The railcar images in the blog banner above and the twitter image to the right, are modeled after railcars from KINKISHARYO International LLC. As part of the Honolulu Rail For Growth team, KINKISHARYO’s name is its role. Translated from the Japanese KINKISHARYO means, ‘rolling stock manufacturer.’

Most recently, KINKSHARYO railcars were installed in the Dubai Metro. According to a report by Shafaat Ahmed on March 13th,

“the statistics compiled by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), since its launch on  09/09/2009 till the end of February 2010, around 11.29 million people traveled by Dubai Metro. And if its estimated daily ridership of 80,000 commuters is anything to go by, Metro should well have crossed the 12 million mark by now.”

As their website states,

“for their new urban rail system, Dubai demanded the finest metro vehicles in the world. And that’s exactly what KINKISHARYO delivered: a fully-automated, world-class system for a world-class city.”

To learn more about the company’s railcars and watch stunning videos of projects around the world, visit

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