Posted by: loomisisc | April 14, 2010

Empty Car Lots, Full Buses: Why Rail is Vital for Honolulu

Camera phone image from this morning on Bus #1, 'Ewa bound, 7:30 a.m.

On the left side of the image above is the interior of an articulated, double-length bus packed full of passengers. On the right side of the image is the former Schuman Carriage auto dealership that has been vacant for several months, near the corner of Pi’ikoi and Beretania. The popular transportation choice in Honolulu appears obvious.

Image from Honolulu Advertiser report, click for story link

Recently acquired by Safeway, the real estate that once sold cars will soon be selling carrots, as Safeway plans to build a new grocery store in the coming year. Coincidentally, a vacant auto lot previously occupied by Pflueger Honda, sits next to a Foodland store just down the road. The bus stop in front of Foodland is also one of the city’s busiest as Beretania intersects with Kalakaua Avenue, the main artery into Waikiki.

A dated Google image of Pflueger Honda (seen far left) and Foodland, far right, indicated by the green shopping carts.

From these examples, public rail transit for Honolulu can be just as vital to our economy as the groceries we purchase.

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