Posted by: loomisisc | April 28, 2010

Rail Commentary From Mayor Hannemann, City Transit Update

The Star Bulletin ran a commentary by Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann today, [Rail development will improve city ] where he touted the many benefits of Transit Oriented Development (TOD).  According to Mayor Hannemann, TOD specifically,

“» Restores a sense of community among families and neighbors

» Preserves and creates affordable housing

» Add parks and plazas; preserves public views and opens new ones

» Creates networks of pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly streets

» Creates a rich urban setting that is safe, exciting and full of housing, employment and social opportunities for all segments of our population. Increases pride in area.”

From the comments following the article, Kailuachris3 said, “We need to get vehicles off the street- not more buses but a true alternative mass transit system.” Hawaii1st wrote, “I agree with you Mr. Mayor that rail and TOD is needed to eliminate traffic congestion.”

To read more about developments in the city’s rail transit project, click the image above.

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