Posted by: loomisisc | May 4, 2010

Dubai Metro New Location for Bollywood Film

A shot inside a Dubai Metro station from Salman Khan's upcoming film, Dabanng. Photo:

The Say Yes to the Honolulu Rail System Blog recently posted an interest in having received page views from the Middle East. Perhaps it was just Salman Khan, scouting for another rail transit location of his upcoming film, Dabanng.

“Now we are doing it around trains,” quipped the Bollywood star in a report by Manjusha Radhakrishnan of Gulf News as he spoke about his experience of shooting a song sequence at the Dubai metro for his forthcoming film Dabanng. The film crew shot a dance sequence across several metro locations, including a station’s entrance and ticket counter on Friday.

“Khan plays a cop from a small Indian town, and this scene is meant to be about how his character takes his wife [played by actress Sonakshi Sinha] on a honeymoon to Dubai,” said Peyman Younes Parham, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Parham, who was at the shoot, told Rachel McArthur of Emirates Business,”We got a call about a week ago expressing interest in filming in Dubai.”

Khan arrived in Dubai last week to shoot scenes because the fall-out from the ash of an Icelandic volcano forced him to reschedule plans to shoot in Switzerland, turning instead to Dubai, according to a report from Suryapata Bhattacharya of The National.

Hawaii, already popular location for motion picture productions, saw the popular television show Lost spend $228.2 million in the islands from 2006 to 2009, with an average of 973 full-time employees in each of those years, as reported in the Honolulu Advertiser recently. Honolulu’s planned rail system is also expected to benefit the local economy in a variety of ways, and perhaps a filming location for Bollywood films may become one of them.

How much does Bollywood like train scenes? Just ask Shah Rukh Khan from Dil Se, in this test of cinematography and choreography:


  1. What should i do 2 get a chance in bollywood movie

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