Posted by: loomisisc | May 13, 2010

Milestone Week for Dubai Metro

Passengers fill a station on the Dubai Metro and await the train.

This week, the Dubai Metro has carried 100,000 passengers in a single day and surpassed other automated rail systems around the globe in punctuality. This Saturday, the transit system will also open three more stations.

On Monday, the Kahleej Times reported that the Metro “lifted 100,368 commuters on Sunday May 2, the first weekday after the opening of seven new stations on the Red Line.”

On Tuesday, Reality Rail posted a report from the Gulf News that said the Dubai Metro has achieved a more than 99 per cent punctuality rate, which is the highest of any driverless metro system in the world.

Inside the Al Jafiliya Station on the Dubai Metro Red Line. Click image for photos.

Today, Emirates Business reported three more stations on the Red Line of Dubai Metro will be opened on Saturday at GGICO, Dubai World Trade Centre and Noor Islamic Bank. The remaining eight stations on the Red Line will be opened later in the year and officials are already forecasting ridership to reach 140,000 by the end of this year with the opening of all the 29 stations on the Red Line.

Both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kinkisharyo International were integral in the construction of the Dubai Metro and are partners in Honolulu Rail For Growth team of companies bidding for the core systems contract of the Honolulu Rail Project.

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