Posted by: loomisisc | May 22, 2010

Green Solutions

The Honolulu Rail For Growth team created pamphlets a while back for meetings with students that read dominantly, ‘New Careers, Green Solutions.’ Not only will the Honolulu Rail project create job opportunities for local people, but it aims to provide a significant offset to Oahu’s current – and projected – carbon footprint.

Paul Weinstein, Jr. published a paper (Putting America’s Transportation System on Track) at the Progressive Policy Institute in August 2009 where he said,

Rail Transportation “can also reduce pollution and our dependence on foreign sources of energy.”

“Trains require about one-third as much energy per passenger mile as automobiles

and airplanes.”

Just based on those two statements, Oahu’s demand for oil (like the kind floating around in the Gulf of Mexico right now) will greatly reduce.

Right in line with the Hawaiian tradition of ahupua’a, taking care of the oceans is directly related to what is done on land.

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