Posted by: loomisisc | May 25, 2010

Dicus’ Tips for Djou

Today, Hawaii News Now’s Resident Explainer Howard Dicus, posted as an open memo to newly elected Congressman Charles Djou with helpful tips for the junior statesman to navigate his new workplace. For rail advocates, and those familiar with Djou’s criticism of Honolulu’s planned rail project, Dicus’ blog entry has a very interesting subtext.

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The post begins,

“Here is a little random information on Capitol Hill to get you situated, from someone who covered the Capitol off and on for two decades. This is the little stuff people forget to tell you at the orientation….You qualify for a good parking space, which you should take even if you intend to take Metro to work,…”

The reader soon learns that while many buildings near the Capitol are linked by at-grade and underground walkways, “Underground railways connect all the office buildings with the Capitol” to expedite exhausted legislators. This rail line also links up with the D.C. Metro, which conveniently provides access to airports and local style restaurants.

“There used to be a Hawaiian plate lunch place south of town in the Oxon Hill area of Prince Georges County but I don’t know if it’s there any more,” adds Dicus. “Chinatown, around 5th and G Sts. NW, has good restaurants including acceptable dim sum. That’s on the Metro, too.

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