Posted by: loomisisc | May 26, 2010

Reggae and the Train

There are few things more iconic of island living than reggae music. So it is no wonder that trains, which make traveling around islands easier, go together with the relaxing sounds of reggae.

In the song, ‘Reggae Train’ by local musician Kapena, the lyrics are reflect the goals of the rail project: ‘grab your ticket ain’t no worry, no worrys at all’ and ‘people come from the world just to ride our train.’, is a website that touts itself as “the largest and most comprehensive reggae music portal on the web.”  The site also has a number of videos to watch including: Big Youth’s ‘Train to Rhodesia’, Culture’s ‘This Train’, The Mighty Diamonds ‘Right Time,’ as well as many other tunes popular in Jamaica and Hawaii.

Hawaii’s local music and reggae station Island 98.5 FM, regularly updates drivers with traffic updates and follows the Reality Rail twitter feed. KCCN FM 100 also warns drivers of traffic hazards and slowdowns during commuting times. KCCN’s DJ Augie T emceed the City’s Rail Transit Division’s SMART Youth Summit this past February. The event featured the island-style sounds of Kolohe Kai and from a report the Say Yes 2 Rail blog, the event was “a success.”


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  2. I love the sound of trains. Its the rocking of the rails that gets me and you are right as trains do seem to go with reggae music.

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