Posted by: loomisisc | May 27, 2010

Five Seven Five

A Shinkansen, or bullet train, passes by the iconic Mt. Fuji at sunset. Courtesy of Google Images

Japan is a nation of islands linked in large part, by extensive and famously punctual rail systems. As the home base for Honolulu Rail For Growth partners Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, and Kinkisharyo, Japan is also the birthplace of the haiku* poetry style.

Follow the @RealityRail twitter page for regular haiku updates themed on the Honolulu rail project. The 17-syllable poems fit neatly into twitter’s 140 character limit.

Today’s inaugural entry reads:

stuck in my car now

waiting for the light to change

anxious for our train

Feel free to try your hand at a haiku. The best entries by twitter followers will be retweeted and posted on the blog. Good Luck!

*The Japanese pronunciation is ‘hai-ku,’ and not to be confused with the place name on Maui, Ha’iku. Footnote thanks to Leilani Poliahu of Hawaii Public Radio.

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