Posted by: loomisisc | June 15, 2010

FTA Approves FEIS for Honolulu Rail Project

At 5 p.m. today, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann announced that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has approved the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Honolulu rail transit project.

Honolulu Managing Director and mayoral candidate, Kirk Caldwell welcomed press conference attendees and introduced Mayor Hannemann.

“With the release of the rail transit final EIS, we are poised to move forward with rail transit, create jobs and deliver long-term traffic relief to commuters and businesses between West Oahu and town,” Hannemann said.

Now the document will go to the state office of Environmental Quality Control for review. After their review, a recommendation will be made for Governor Linda Lingle for a final signature before ground can be broken on the project. Mayor Hannemann called the Lingle-Aiona administration’s financial review of the project, “unnecessary in our view and will only delay a timely acceptance for a project that will create thousands of jobs in our state when the economy needs them most.” Later, Mayor Hannemann told reporters that Gov. Lingle would be going against the will of the people who voted for rail and the FTA if she was to reject the FEIS.

City Council Chair Todd Apo told attendees that the rail project is 'necessary' for the improvement of Honolulu and Oahu.

Mayor Hannemann has recently announced his bid to run for Governor against current Lieutenant Governor, Duke Aiona and former Representative Neil Abercrombie, who Hannemann thanked for his support in the rail project.

Rail Project Manager, Toru Hamayasu was also singled out and thanked by Mayor Hammemann for his involvement in the rail project. City Council chairman Todd Apo and Councilman Ikaika Anderson additionally stood with the mayor and were recognized.

For more information on the Honolulu Rail Transit Project and a copies of the FEIS, visit

Mayor Mufi Hannemann speaks with reporters after the press conference.

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