Posted by: loomisisc | July 10, 2010

Rail Riders Loose Weight, Drivers Eat Fast Food

This week, the SayYes2Rail blog beat Hawaii News Now to the punch on a recent HealthToday survey that found a typical rail transit commuter lost an average of nearly 6.5 pounds over 12 to 18 months from to walking to and from transit stations.While this research supports the slimming effects of using rail transit, automobiles have been responsible for the popularity of (not-so-slimming) fast food dining in the U.S.

In Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, he chronicles the emergence of Carl N. Karcher, one of America’s fast food pioneers, who began his empire with a hot-dog cart near a Goodyear Tire Factory.

Later in the 1940’s, Karcher opened “Carl Jr.’s,” a self-service restaurant inspired by the McDonald Brothers Speedee Service System, which brought customers into a highly efficient restaurant. During this period, Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway Act brought even more people to eat in self-service restaurants, and ultimately lead to the gold star of Carl’s Jr. popping up throughout California.

Schlosser wrote, “The fast food industry took root alongside that Interstate highway system, as a new form of restaurant sprang up beside the new off-ramps.”

So instead of building more roadways and high-cholesterol pit stops, lets look forward to rail stations with healthy local food will lead to a fitter, healthier Oahu.


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