Posted by: loomisisc | July 15, 2010

Civil Beat Feature of HRFG Exec. & Coverage of HIPA Summit Creates Web Buzz

Gino Antoniello, the lead executive of Honolulu Rail For Growth, attended the HIPA Infrastructure Summit on Tuesday and spoke with John Temple and Adrienne LaFance of Civil Beat, on the  benefits of the Honolulu Rail Project.

Antoniello, who also serves as Vice President of Transportation Systems and Equipment for Sumitomo Corporation of America, was subsequently featured in two Civil Beat reports today:

Honolulu Rail – The View from a Contractor

Honolulu has Nation’s “Premier” Rail Project

Civil Beat, the only media outlet to cover the HIPA Summit thus far, saw their coverage gain traction online throughout today. In the afternoon, the SayYes2Rail blog post lead with Antoniello’s interview in particular:

We’ll Later Ask, ‘How Did We Ever Live Without It?’ So Says Rail Expert with World of Experience

Later, Mayor Mufi Hannemann posted this to his twitter page:

“Civil Beat had a great article today: “Honolulu Has Nation’s ‘Premier’ Rail Project.” Give it a read: #becivil”

Then at the end of the workday, the city’s communication office sent out the following press release,  HONOLULU RAIL CALLED NATION’S ‘PREMIER TRANSIT PROJECT’

that specifically cited the articles Civil Beat articles covering the HIPA Summit and featuring Antoniello. It read,

Oberstar, a key figure in determining federal funding for transportation projects, made the comment during an infrastructure summit in Honolulu via videoconference from Washington, DC. His remarks were reported by an online Honolulu news outlet, Civil Beat.”

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