Posted by: loomisisc | July 21, 2010

Hannemann Resigns, Leading Mayoral Hopefuls for Rail

Now that It’s official: Hannemann resigns as mayor to run for governor, said the Pacific Business News headline, Honolulu rail advocates look forward to September’s mayoral race. The article said,

“Upon Hannemann’s resignation, City Managing Director Kirk Caldwell became Acting Mayor, pending a special election in which voters will chose a mayor to serve the two remaining years of Hannemann’s term.”

Today, the Star Advertiser reported,

“The City Council is scheduled to meet Thursday to set the date for a special election and the requisite filing deadline for candidates.”

In addition to Caldwell, others seeking to fill the two-year vacancy are city Prosecutor Peter Carlisle, City Councilman Donovan Dela Cruz, University of Hawaii engineering professor Panos Prevedouros and City Councilman Rod Tam.”

Civil Beat helps put things into perspective with this background on the race. They report,

“A January poll conducted by KITV 4 and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin showed Carlisle was the leader of the race with 67 percent of the vote. The other three candidates included in the poll were Dela Cruz who earned 18 percent, Caldwell with 11 percent and Tam with 10 percent.”

The three leading candidates are all pro-rail.

“I think rail is what will define the candidates,” said mayoral candidate and Honolulu Council Member Donovan Dela Cruz in the aptly titled report by Adrienne LaFrance, Rail Likely to Drive Another Mayoral Election. Dan Boylan also featured DelaCruz in this week’s Midweek, which comes online tomorrow. Boylan wrote,

Caldwell wrote Rail is a Game Changer for the Construction Industry for Building Industry last fall, showing his support of the project in addition to service as Managing Director dealing with the project first-hand.

Recently, Carpenters endorse Carlisle for Honolulu mayor in a Hawaii News Now report by Ben Gutierrez quoting Union chief Ron Taketa having said Carlisle “is a staunch supporter of the planned rail system. He is fully committed to getting it built — from start to finish.”

The upcoming race will be exciting, but if the media coverage and polls tell the public anything, it is that the Honolulu rail project will benefit.

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