Posted by: loomisisc | October 22, 2010

Why is Sumitomo Corp. Sponsoring the Women in Transit Seminar?

Sumitomo Corporation of America, the lead contractor in HRFG, will be the sole sponsor of the October 27th Women in Transit Seminar breakfast, where Congresswoman Mazie Hirono will be the keynote speaker.  WTS-Hawaii is the newest WTS chapter being approved by WTS International in August.

Gino Antoniello is pictured here with one of the winning teams from Waipahu High School at the Science Fair, which was also sponsored by Sumitomo earlier this year.

Why is Sumitomo Corp. sponsoring the WTS? Because SCOA believes the Honolulu Rail Transit system will provide career opportunities for Hawaii, not just for men, but for women in the engineering and transit field as well.

The HRFG booth drew hundreds of students at last Friday’s UH College of Engineering Career Day – many of them female students.

UH senior, Laura Do told us, “Rail transit is going to be huge! It’s going to change history and how we commute.  It would be amazing to be a part of it.”

Another UH senior, Wendy Yuen explained, “Growing up in Hawaii, traffic has always been a problem.  Rail will help traffic and be an interesting project for UH graduates to work on.”

Regine Gonzales, a UH foreign exchange student from the Philippines told us how the EDSA rail in Manila helped alleviate traffic congestion. “It changed my life. Manila has lots of traffic. I’m excited to learn that Sumitomo built that elevated rail system.  It gets us from point A to point B faster than trucks or taxis and it’s safer,” she said.

Gino Antoniello speaks with an interested student at the fall UH College of Engineering Career Day.

During the career fair, UH student Tylynn Ai renewed her acquaintance with Gino Antoniello, VP of Transportation Systems and Equipment for Sumitomo Corp., whom she first met at the Hawaii Academy of Science “Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair” earlier this year.  She recognized Antoniello as one of the Celebrity Judges at the fair.

Antoniello encouraged female students to pursue their dreams of being involved in a career in transit.  “I have two daughters, and they are interested in careers in the sciences.  So between my career and their aspirations, how can we not support WTS?” said Antoniello with a smile.

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